Xbox Series - First Time Setup

Step 1: On your first startup, you'll be presented with the "Set up with the Xbox app" screen. You can choose to set up using this first, but we suggest skipping this first.


Step 2: If you skipped step 1, you'll be presented with the language selection screen. So pick your preferred language from here.


Step 3: Connect the console to the internet.


Step 4: Choose your country of residence.


Step 5: Update the console.


Step 6: While waiting for the update, you can proceed with the Xbox mobile app setup (if you skipped step 1).


Step 7: Update the controller.


Step 8: Sign in to your Microsoft account, or create one if you don't have one.


Step 9: Choose between sending your usage data with Microsoft or otherwise.


Step 10: Choose your sign-in & security preferences.


Step 11: Choose between how you want to sign in.


Step 12: Pick a colour for your Xbox UI theme.


Step 13: Choose your time zone.


Step 14: Choose how would you prefer the console to be when you're not using it. 


Step 15: Start gaming!