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PlayStation Systems - Understanding regions.

Are PlayStation consoles region locked?

No, the console itself is not region locked (except for China consoles). 


Can I buy a PlayStation console from another region?

Yes, with some caveats:

  • Warranty is region specific.
  • A travel adapter may be required to connect the console to your power outlet.


Can I play games in one region with a PSN account of another region?

Yes, games are not region locked (except for China consoles). Do note that however, it may support different languages and/or have other changes (for example censorship, region-specific contents & events, etc.) compared to the one sold in your region.


Can I resume my save game in one region with a game from another region?

No, save games are region locked. 


Can I redeem DLC codes in one region with a PSN account of another region?

No, DLCs are region locked. However, you may create a new PSN account that corresponds to the game’s region to redeem the DLC. 

Once you have redeemed the DLC using a PSN account of the matching region, you can make that PSN account primary so that other users on the console using same / different region PSN accounts can still access the DLC.


Can I play games in one region online with a PS Plus subscription of another region?

Yes, you can play online as long as you have an active PS Plus subscription active on your console. Just make sure the PSN account with the PS Plus subscription is the primary account on the console.


How do I make my PSN account primary?

Login to your PSN account.

For PS4: at the home screen, go to SettingsAccount Management Activate as Your Primary PS4Activate.

For PS5: at the home screen, go to Settings Users and AccountsOtherConsole Sharing and Offline PlayEnable


Can I play online multiplayer in one region with a friend that has the same game from another region?

No, online multiplayer is region locked. Either one of you will need to repurchase the game with the corresponding region to the other’s game in order to play multiplayer together.