PlayStation 4 - PlayStation Store Setup.

Step 1: Press the Home button on your PS4 Controller, then select [New User]. 

Step 2: Select [Create a User]. 

Step 3: Accept User Agreement. 

Step 4: Select [Next].

Step 5: Select [New to PlayStation]. 

Step 6: Select [Sign Up Now]. 

Step 7: Fill in [Country or Region], [Language], and [Date of Birth].

The region you choose determines the region of PlayStation Store that you can access with this account.

The most commonly sold game regions in Singapore are Singapore (R3), United States (R1), United Kingdom (R2) and Australia (R4).

You may create multiple accounts, should you wish to access more than one Region and switch between them when necessary.

The PlayStation 4 is region free. However, should you wish to utilise DLC (Downloadable Content), take note that the region of your game and the region of your DLC must match.

Step 8: Fill in [Postal Code], [City] and [State/Province]. If you selected a region that you are not familiar with, you will need to look up the valid address info online. 

Step 9: Fill in your login details. 

Step 10: Create your profile. 

Step 11: Confirm Permissions (3 Pages). 

Step 12: Accept Terms of Service and User Agreement. 

Step 13: Verify Email Address. 

Step 14: Click [OK]. 

Step 15: Select [PlayStation Store]. 

Step 16: Browse and make your purchases!